The future of packaging

We dream of a world with less waste and more reusable packaging.

Ultra low cost

We offer a complete blockchain based solution, no effort and no risk.

Easy use and setup

Wheather a big retailer or just a small restaurant, integrate the system easy and fast.

CIKLY. Help us change the world.

Our vision is a complete blockchain based ecosystem that involes every aspect of a reusable packaging system. Ultra cheap, efficient and easy to use.


The Idea

We imagine CIKLY as a decentralised blockchain based plattform that allows everyone to create and manage deposit objects. The main use would be in reusable packaging but really every object could be used as a pant object.

Unlinke other companies in this area we do not belive that we can design better packaging than consumer goods companies do for their own products. They design the product and they know best how to package and market it. When you see thousands of products with their own package designs variing in form, color and material at the supermarket we belive that it is best to not restrict this diversity. We just want to make those packages reusable and therefore more sustainable.

The main goal is to create a plattform that works like a closed ecosystem. A plattform that connects all dots that are needed for a wholly decentralised circular economy of packaging. The CIKLY Ecosystem will not only include the component of deposits but will also include a decentralsied bidding system on cleaning and logistics contracts for the various packages in the system. So that the benefits of scale and efficiancy can be used in the best ways possible.

Please not that we are currently working on the CIKLY Ecosystem white paper and the CIKLY Pfandsystem and this website only contains broad information about the direction we are aiming for.

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